Raw Agriculture & Aquaculture  Ingredients


C & T Group is dedicated to the supply of raw agriculture and aquaculture ingredients to feeds producers and traders around the world.

We have worked quietly and efficiently for two decades with marine proteins & animal proteins. Serving producers and consumers worldwide.

Fish Meal : Main source of protein to produce balanced feed for aquaculture and swine.

Supplying countries: Peru, Chile, Ecuador, Mexico, USA, Vietnam.

Qualities: Steam dried, flame dried, hot-air dried. Superprime/Prime/Taiwan/Thailand/Standard grade.

Crude Fish Oil : A source of fatty acids and omega 3 (EPA +DHA) for both aquaculture and for direct human consumption.

Supplying countries: Peru, Chile, USA, Mexico, Vietnam.

Qualities: crude oil, semi-refined, refined, omega 3 oil.

Meat & Bone Meal : A by-product of the rendering industry. Usually cattle. Sometimes a mixture of cattle/lamb. Sometimes a substitute for fishmeal.

Supplying countries: Australia, Uruguay

Qualities: Protein min45% - min 50%

Poultry Meal : A high-protein product made of dry, ground, rendered clean parts of the chicken carcass.

Supplying countries: Australia, New Zealand, USA

Qualities: Pet food grade protein 65%min

Other Animal//Vegetable Proteins

Soybean, Soybean meals, Corn, DDGS, Lupin, Lecithin, Wheat Bran, Feather meal, Blood meal.


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Fish Meal

Fish Oil

Meat & Bone

Poultry Meal

Other Animal // Vegetable Proteins

This is only a very brief overview of our products and services. We have plenty more related products we can supply.

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